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Welcome to C-Level, Inc - A Division of Infinity Products, Inc.


    C-Level, Inc. is your place for unique boating accessories.  We are well-known throughout the marine industry as a leader in manufacturing high quality and reliable marine products.   We have been manufacturing these proven products since 1996.


     C-Level, Inc. has an array of successful products; our most successful is the EasyLift® Outboard Motor Tote.  The EasyLift® Outboard Motor Tote, the Original motor lifting harness, is unique because it can be permanently left on the motor and will not interfere with motor operation. The straps used are fifty percent wider than the competition and therefore much stronger.

     The main advantage C-Level, Inc. has over the competition is, our products are made of nylon or polypropylene based webbing instead of rope or wire.  Webbing products are longer lasting and won't fray or scratch your boat.  Other products C-Level, Inc. offers are:

·        A Step Up- A unique boarding step to enter your boat that will never scratch your boat

·        Dinghy Lifts- Used to lift your dinghy or R.I.B. out of the water by a halyard or Davit systems.

·        Davit Slings- Heavy duty slings used on a davit system to lift heavy dinghy’s or R.I.B.’s

·        Galley/Safety Belt- A safety belt used with a jackline and tether to keep the sailor from falling overboard.

·        Heavy Duty RIB lifter- Lifts RIB’s up to 15ft. long and 1,000 lbs safely out of the water.

·        Jacklines- 6,000 lb. breaking strength webbing used with our tether and Galley/Safety Belt to keep the sailor from falling overboard.

·        Sail Snaps- Used for easier tie-ups of flaked or rolled sails, uses side-release buckles for quick, secure fastening.

·        Safety Harness Tether- 6,000lb breaking strength nylon webbing harness which clips to your safety belt and jackline to keep the sailor from falling overboard.

·        Towing Bridle- Offers more stable and secure towing of inflatable’s and tenders than with a single line.  Uses 3,800 lb. test strength nylon webbing with built-in shock absorption.


You can view our parent company's website, Infinity Products Inc.,  by clicking here or click here to view Infinity Produtcs' catalog.

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